Music has always been a Big Part of my Creative expression.  When I was little I used to make up songs and pretend to be in a music video on my walks to school.  When I got Older, countless hours were Spent Creating mixes And Comedy songs at the Home of my Friend who had a music Studio in his Basement.  And when I was Grown, And had been Selling Comic Books on the Street for About a year, writing Raps about it was a Way for Me for Channel my energy & Frustration in the face of Doubters & haters.  Making Comics, or even a video, is Long and painstaking work and it takes a long time to see the Finished Product.  Making music, whether playing an instrument or Freestyle RaPPing, is instantly Gratifying.  Drawing and Editing Require Long hours spent alone at an art Board or Computer - Music Can make you lose track of Hours as you Connect with other people.

My First few performances consisted of jumping up on stage during another band's performance, dropping a verse while the guitarist was doing the solo, and having the microphone back on the Stand in time for When the Chorus comes back around. Emboldened, I started making my own beats and writing actual songs.  I asked a friend who had booked a gig with his new band if I could have 15 minutes at the start of his set to perform my New Material, and handed out buttons and stickers to the crowd in advance of my appearance, telling everyone that I was Really Nervous and I needed them to make a lot of noise for me.

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Proudly Presented by Sean Ward Shows inc. 2018