Watch an award winning Student film about my life creating comic books and selling them on the street

Here is a recent cartoon about me and my comics animated over an old radio documentary

Here is a vintage clip featuring me and my comics from the 6:oo TV News

Before I had a Smartphone or an internet Connection, the way I could Get my message out was to Go Old School, put Pen to PaPer, and Start Sharing my view of the world The only Way I knew how.  in a world inCreasingly defined by the Amount of Time we spend staring at screens and interacting digitally instead of Face to Face, something Hand-Made and Delivered with a Personal Touch Was just something I could do to differentiate myself and take Bold Action in the Direction of huge dreams.


I always liked when People used the wrong word and complimented me on "The Animation" - that Told me the art Came alive in Front of them.

Beat City was the name of the series When I Committed to completing multiple issues, and then photocopied them to Give to Friends.

The Fifth issue was Hot Off the Press that Fateful day when I was amusing myself by asking Passers-by, "Wanna Buy a Comic Book?"

One day I hope to Create a one-Man Show about the days spent standing on a Street Corner, Selling copies of These Comic books to strangers for a Living, The adventures that it spawned, And the Volume of Pure Characters that I met while doing it.

My Graphic Novel About the Beatles, and its Later re-issue with another name, is a whole story unto itself.  I made it out of An obsession with Thinking that Comics and Music Come from the Same Place and do the Same thing, Except through different senses. This is also why A Band, their Cartoon character Mentor, and a Corporate C.E.O. as the Villain of the Piece were the Main Characters in a Big Saga I was starting to Cook up That would Be a Psychedelic Odyssey Through Creativity itself.

I had Started a Rock & Roll Love Story as my next big story arc when the world Came Rushing in. I had been selling these comics on the street for Two years and felt like nothing was moving forward - it was Winter, the Rent was Past Due, My Phone had Been Cut off, and I had no idea how selling comic books on the street was going to get my head above water. Growing increasingly despondent, I couldn't focus to work. I had no idea What I was going to Do, until the thought occurred to me - Real Life is unbelievable enough, What iF I make a comic Book about my Life right now? And my First Release Party, for The First issue of the Sean Ward Electric Comics Freak-out, was a table set up near the stage at a friend's band's Concert.

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